Telecom Tylenol Episode 2 – Fiber Contract Longer Than Your Lease


Telecom Tylenol is a video blog produced by Joe Jonovic of SOLUS Network Solutions. Every episode provides valuable advice to businesses for the purpose of avoiding or relieving telecom/technology headaches.

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Video Transcription:

So, Joe Jonovic here, Telecom Tylenol.

I just got a phone call from a friend of mine, Ray. And his headache is, Joe, you want me to sign a three-year contract for fiber internet at my office down in Bakersfield, but I think I only got one year left on the lease. So, what do we do?

I said, Ray, you got to go pull that contract or that lease and make sure how much time is left on it, so we’re dealing with facts. Second, if our only option is to sign a three-year fiber contract that we know in a year when you got to move that you got to get SOLUS involved in the research on appropriate buildings to move into so that we can make sure that we find one that’s got low cost or no cost to move.

I did have a client here in Reno that signed a contract with a direct rep and then moved into a new building a year later and had to write a check for $23,500 to move that circuit that he had contracted. So, you know that’s a $23,500 massive migraine. We don’t want you to have those.

So, let’s deal with facts make sure you research what the term – the remaining term is on your lease and let’s make informed decisions and work with SOLUS and we’ll help you eliminate those kind of big migraine headaches. 775-473-9445. Give us a call, we’d be happy to hear from you. Thanks.



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