Telecom Tylenol Episode 1 – Avoiding Automatic Renewal Clauses

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Telecom Tylenol is a video blog produced by Joe Jonovic of SOLUS Network Solutions. Every episode provides valuable advice to businesses for the purpose of avoiding or relieving telecom/technology headaches.

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Video Transcription:

Hi. Joe Jonovic here with SOLUS Network Solutions, your trusted technology adviser.

And today, we’re kicking off Telecom Tylenol, a video blog to help IT professionals minimize the headaches that are inherent in procuring telecom services. And our hope and my goal personally is to give you some little tidbits and some nuggets on a somewhat regular basis and help you avoid getting a telecom migraine.

So, we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks and talking a little bit about the SOLUS value proposition and how we help professionals by simplifying their life.

So, Joe Jonovic, Telecom Tylenol. Hope you find this valuable. Thank you.

Hey, Joe Jonivic here with another edition of Telecom Tylenol.

Today’s headache is auto renew clauses. You know when you sign a two or three-year contract for services, sometimes the direct contracts will have an auto renew clause. And why is this problematic?

Well, you always want to be in a position to have me research current market pricing and get you the best deal and not re-contract for services at a rate from three or four years ago because the market is always declining.

And so, here’s the solution to your headache to make sure it doesn’t turn into a migraine. Call the carriers now, go through all your contracts, and you can do it or you can have me and my team do it. But, call them and tell them that you want to make sure that there’s not any auto renew clauses and you want to make sure that your contracts go month to month when they expire. That will help – that will put us in a position to go out and shop for you and get you the best deal.

We’re here to help. SOLUS Network Solutions your telecom Tylenol.

Thanks for tuning in.


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