SOLUS Creates Networks That Support Success
Today’s network isn’t simply a way for employees to send emails back and forth. It’s the central nervous system for your business, keeping everyone connected throughout your organization.

It’s also how your customers communicate with you, no matter where they are in the world. When maintaining that link to your clients is so vital for ongoing business, a robust 21st century network can help ensure those bridges remain strong.

Our extensive experience and superior list of partner companies makes SOLUS Networking Solutions your premiere partner for networking services. With a robust, globally-aware network, your business will be ready to expand into the future.

SOLUS Brings Robust Telecommunications Solutions

Voice Services
Whether you need traditional copper-wire service, SIP Services, or you’re looking to migrate to Hosted Telephony, SOLUS has an extensive list of reliable partners.

Data Networking
Every company is different and every network is different. SOLUS works with you, putting together a hand-crafted solution built around your needs today and tomorrow.

Internet Services
A stable, reliable, and high-speed Internet connection is the lifeblood of any business.

Apps Collaboration & Conferencing
Cloud-based collaboration puts everyone in the same room, working on the same files, even if they’re thousands of miles apart.

If you need a new network to succeed, SOLUS has you covered. Call us at 800-309-6625 to discuss your custom-built globalized future!