SOLUS Brings Budgeting Insights With Cost-Management Services
Cost is a basic component of doing business, but the profitability of any business greatly depends on how well cost is managed. SOLUS Network Solutions is here to help your organization manage telecom spend and, consequently, free up your time so that you are better able to focus on your core business and long-term financial viability.

In an increasingly fast-paced business environment, we recognize that you simply don’t have enough time to keep track of your telecom costs. That’s why SOLUS offers a full range of offsite cost-management options that will keep you in the fast lane, without breaking the budget.

If you want the reliability of Big Data-based budgeting and financial services, without the costs of implementing your own system, SOLUS is the solution.

SOLUS Keeps Your Costs Under Control
SOLUS offers the following services to protect your margins and long-term ROI:

A disciplined audit helps improve performance, efficiency, and productivity by detecting deviations from established practices like inefficient use of resources, wastage, and fraud.

Overcharge and Recovery
SOLUS offers a comprehensive review of your telecome invoices, eliminating billing errors, and optimizing contract rates. If you’re being overcharged, we’ll discover it.

Consultation, Recommendation, and Continued Support
SOLUS gives our clients a complete picture of what to expect before, during, and after contract signing, providing continuing support throughout the life of the relationship.

Telecom Expense Management
We can performing an accurate inventory of your telecom assets and invoices, detecting overcharges, reviewing contracts, and even negotiating directly with the carriers to get better rates.

Wireless Expense Management
We offer an array of wireless expense management options through our tested workflows and our ability to share best practices, combined with our expertise in recommending custom solutions.

À la Carte Managed Services
Need a custom solution? You can choose from a combination or all of the above services for a more comprehensive managed services package.

To find out how much your operations could be saving with modern financial services, just call us at 800-309-6625!