Hire a guide through the telecommunications jungle!
Today, nearly every telecommunications services provider seems to offer cloud-based services, but no two providers’ offerings are identical. Each provider often includes a different set of services with a different set of prices under the cloud services umbrella.

This makes it extremely difficult to compare the offerings of one provider over another or to find a single provider that can meet all of your business’s specific needs.

When it comes to navigating the tangled jungle that is the current cloud services landscape, SOLUS has the expertise and the tools necessary to get you where you need to go by the most effective route possible.

The SOLUS Cloud Advantage
SOLUS provides the entire spectrum of cloud services to meet your business needs, including:

IT as a Service (ITaaS)
Why pay for expensive on-site support staff and equipment when you don’t have to? ITaaS moves your applications and potentially your computing environment into the Cloud, with huge cost-saving benefits.

Managed IT Services
Don’t want to entirely eliminate on-site hardware? Your on-site equipment can still be managed remotely, cutting down on staffing and labor costs.

Help Desk Services
Ongoing IT and user training creates significant barriers to upgrades. Remote help desk services remove the need for this training, giving your staff always-there support for new projects.

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
Networks designed around IaaS systems move as many of your systems and applications into the Cloud as possible, creating a lightweight and easily-configurable modular network environment.

Disaster Recovery
Whether it’s a natural disaster or a hack attack, any data-based disaster can be recovered from far more easily with offsite backups and recovery services ready to spring into action when needed!

Communications as a Service (CaaS)
VoIP, videoconferencing, and other cloud-based communications structures are now easily available through hosted services, putting them within reach of any business.

Do you have more questions about cloud services and how they can help your business? Give us a call today at 800-309-6625 and we’ll map out the right cloud services solutions for your needs.