Agent Program

SOLUS Network Solutions’ Referral Endorser Program (REP) is a unique opportunity for VAR’s, MSP’s, ISV’s and Consultants to capitalize on their goodwill with their existing client base. Every business owner or manager is looking for ways to stabilize revenues and find avenues to recurring revenue.

Becoming a solusREP is the fastest, most economical, lowest risk path to recurring revenues. Every customer has increasing at a minimum, changing, voice and data circuit needs. The challenge for most VAR’s, MSP’s, ISV’s, Resellers and Consultants is how to capitalize on those needs without signing up for a nightmare of management and maintenance that is out of the core competency. Enter SOLUS Network Solutions. We partner with you in you accounts, we do ALL the work, and we pay you a residual fee for the “endorsement” you give SOLUS to your customer.

Traditional Revenue Lifecycle
You have customers. They need solutions. The only time you make money is when you sell them something. Work once, get paid once. The new trend is managed services — or outsource IT services for a monthly subscription. Get trend, but is still work once, get paid once — the difference is that the selling only happens once a year. Wouldn’t it be better to get paid long after you did any work? You refer SOLUS into your clients, we do a needs analysis, in many cases an audit of their telecom spend, and then we recommend ways to save them money and improve their services. They sign a contract, and we pay you monthly for as long as they are a customer. That easy. Refer once, sit back, collect checks.

solusREP Revenue Lifecycle
Your customers can benefit from SOLUS’s solutions, and you can be paid for helping establish the relationship. The solusREP system is quite simple in its process, and will compliment the portfolio of services you provide your customers.

Contact Your Customers

Simply endorse SOLUS’ areas of expertise and benefits to your clients and help arrange a meeting establish a rapport.

SOLUS Meets With Your Customers

SOLUS will meet with your customer and begin the needs analysis process, which will include a personal interview. SOLUS will then present a full set of solution options to your customer, complete with SOLUS’ unique, objective service ranking, close the deal, manage the implementation phase, and maintain the relationship moving forward.

You Get Paid

SOLUS will pay you a monthly residual commission on services rendered for as long as the relationship exits. The amount of residual commission is based on your involvement in the project. The more you participate in the project, the higher your commission.

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