A 5-star Experience
SOLUS Network Solutions is your trusted telecom concierge, paying close attention to every detail, no matter how unique it may be. When you go to a 5-star hotel, you expect 5-star service. At SOLUS Network Solutions, every customer is a guest.

In the chaotic carrier network world, we bring calm. We provide answers and solutions to your questions from the best services to the smartest providers. In addition, we research and assess your specific needs in order to offer the right solutions by leveraging the solid connections we have with our trusted carrier partners.

The SOLUS Advantage
We take pride in having both technical expertise and years of experience in telecommunications—a rare occurrence in the industry. With our extensive background in phone systems, video solutions, data networking, routers, and cloud services, we are better equipped to act as the advocate for your IT needs.

The primary differentiator that separates us from others is how we serve our clients as a trusted advocate. Consider these benefits:

  • With SOLUS, there is no place for mediocrity. We always go the extra mile to give not only the best service but service beyond your expectations.
  • We are meticulous: we pay attention to the details.
  • We make your problems our problems and take a proactive approach in helping prevent or solve them.
  • We simplify your dealings with carriers and help you build meaningful relationships with them.

What We Offer
The plethora of telecom solutions in the market contributes to decision-making challenges.
Telecom Chaos

We’re here as your caring advocate to guide you in making the right decisions. In doing this, we have only your best interests in mind.

We have intimate knowledge of the carriers that offer broadband and cable to speed up your Internet service. We help you choose the right solutions for your Cloud, VoIP, SIP, Networking, call center, and unified communications needs for a holistic communications network. We also offer unbiased recommendations for the hardware and equipment that best suits your requirements.

Our Values
Values are the very bedrock on which an organization is built, grown, and run. It is the foundation on which employees, clients, partners, and all other stakeholders will be guided to act to ensure the success of the organization.

Honesty and integrity teach us to be truthful and do what is right, just, and fair in regards to our clients, employees, and partners. With honest advice and service, we aim to earn your trust.

Respect and service are values we have embraced to put our stakeholders ahead of ourselves as we try to assist and help them in whatever way we can.

Loyalty mandates us to be faithful in our commitments and obligations in being the best advocate for our clients and treating our employees and partners fairly.

Action has a bigger impact than the spoken or written word. At SOLUS, we practice what we preach.

Solus Trusted Suppliers
Action has a bigger impact than the spoken or written word. At SOLUS, we practice what we preach..