5 Reasons To Take A Fresh Look At Your Security Policy

Evolving ransomware and DDoS attacks, new technology such as IoT, and changing user behavior are all good reasons to revise your security policy.

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Today’s advanced persistent threats, new business technologies and a younger workforce have prompted security budgets to shift from breach prevention to detection and response. Those same forces have also motivated many organizations to take a fresh look at their security policies and guidelines – and for good reason.

The Golden Rules For Writing Security Policy:

  • Making sure the process is shared with all stakeholders who will be affected by it
  • Using language that everyone can understand
  • Avoiding rigid policies that might limit business growth
  • Ensuring the process is pragmatic by testing it out

Just because policies are intended to be evergreen doesn’t mean they can’t become stale, says Jay Heiser, research VP in security and privacy at Gartner. Particularly at the standards levels, one level below policy, guidance may need to be updated for different lines of business, or for jurisdictions that may be driven by different regulatory rules or geographic norms. Security and risk experts offer five reasons why companies should take a fresh look at security policies.

Learn More About The 5 Reasons You Should Take A Fresh Look At Your Security Policy By Reading The original Article Below:

1. Ransomware, DDoS and APTs
2. Cloud, IoT blockchain and other new technology
3. Changing user behavior
4. Security fatigue and lax enforcement
5. Some policy elements are obsolete
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